IT Support


PC Repair

At Digital Mind we offer a complete and affordable option in computer support for small and medium-sized businesses throughout Northern Greece.

We provide computer repair services as well as technical support as well as end product support On Site and Remote.

Digital Mind can offer on-site support and installation of Desktop computers and Servers in new or existing installations.

These services are provided by certified computer specialists with at least 15 years of experience.


We stand by your company providing top-notch PC support services.

Disaster recovery

We take care of the security and protection of your company’s information systems.

Support desk

We provide you with full and detailed information about our services and products.

IT consulting services

Our team offers IT consulting services, providing solutions that fit your company’s needs.

Design and installation of networks

Digital Mind undertakes the design and installation of computer networks that will ensure data transfer security and uninterrupted operation of your company's network.

We proceed with the study and complete installation of wired and wireless computer networks according to your needs and with the aim of their effective management.


Remote and local support

At Digital Mind we offer top remote support, providing reliable remote solutions!

IT support

Our team is by your side every day to deal with problems related to your company’s network.

Network solutions

All our work and services are carried out with the safety of the data that is handled daily in your company in mind.

Network support (Contracts & Services)

Our specialized staff is able to fully meet the requirements of your company’s network.

Technical support

We respond to the comprehensive coverage of business needs at the level of computers, servers, commercial applications, etc